The YES! Initiative

Since the time we constructed "Phase 1" of our current facility we’ve been talking about building "Phase 2" a Children’s Nurture and Discipleship Center.  You may or may not be aware we have had a 3 Phase “Master plan” since 2008, and while it has changed often, the 3 components have been:

                        1)  Initial multi-purpose building,
                        2)  Expanded Children’s Nurture facilities
                        3)  Expanded Worship Center and administrative space.

The goal is to use the 20.3 acres God has provided to us to reach 2,000 people on a weekly basis in our region, and to serve as a base of operations to train leaders and plant churches in our region/overseas. That sounded a little crazy – a lot crazy back in 2001 – and even in 2008, when we put together the plan. It’s sounding realistic these days as we've ended the summer with an average weekend worship attendance of 750. 

Building-Elevation-Front-ImageWe’ve created this page for 3 reasons:

  1. To introduce the Yes! Initiative and talk about why we’re being more intentional than we’ve ever been in making a particular phase of the process become a reality as soon as possible: Phase 2: The Children’s Nurture and Discipleship Center.

  2. To give you the opportunity to have your questions answered.

  3. To challenge you to pray daily for this initiative, and to give generously to it, and to make an advanced commitment to the Yes! Initiative. While the Yes! Initiative may seem like a fund-raising campaign, it is so much more than that! In fact, it’s a natural by-product of each of us taking the next step in growing up to be more like Jesus. How do we measure spiritual growth? Next steps on the journey of becoming Spirit-led followers of Jesus?  (Physical growth is easy to measure. For example, we can measure height, weight, vocabulary, skills, etc...)  But how do we measure spiritual growth? In a word: Transformation. That means becoming like Jesus (The biblicalword is sanctification) We can easure this in the following ways:

    • In our relationship with God and others. (Great Commandment)

    • In making disciples (Great Commission)

    • In growing in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Living as disciples and growing as Spirit-led followers are largely internal processes. Eventually it shows up on outside through worship, giving, and serving. 

  •  Worship: Personal, Corporate

  •  Giving: Generous. (At New Life this is giving to the General Fund, 2nd Mile opportunities such as CLUB and now Yes! and  Beyond

  •  Serving: Share the Faith (Truth, which is ultimately sharing Jesus with people), Share the Love (Relationship, which is  demonstrated through acts of compassion and mercy.)

The Yes! Initiative is a major opportunity to grow in our generosity. How do we grow in any of these areas? We grow in the same way as with all growth: Information + Application = Transformation.  We’re going to give you a lot of information in the weeks ahead that you'll be able to apply in your lives as it relates to the YES! Inititavie.

The Personal Connection

Many of you have been faithful and generous already, some of you for many years. You’ve given generously to the Sharing/ General Fund, to CLUB-(Get in the Game, Life Without Limits, and the 100-$2,000 initiative) and 3rd mile gifts such as giving to Cuba, Cambodia, Blessing Bags, Awesome Boxes and more. We’re going to ask you to give prayerfully, generously and specifically to the Yes! Initiative so we can move forward with Phase 2 as soon as possible, preferably in the spring of 2017.

The Details

Our plan is as follows: Phase 1 (Our Current building), Phase 2 (The Children's Nurture and Discipleship Center). However, Phase 2 needs Phase 3 (The Worship Center) to be complete, and then Church Planting will follow. The day we open The Children’s Nurture and Discipleship Center, we will have 7 new classrooms on the first floor (downstairs); a vastly expanded nursery, and preschool area, children’s nurture director study, resource center, and a large group gathering area/worship area on the second floor (main floor). Our gathering area will also double in size. The third floor will provide us an additional 2,000 square feet for ministry.

All floors will be accessible by stairs/elevator. What we mean by “Phase 2 needs Phase 3 to be complete” is as long as our worship center maxes out at about 300 people, we won’t have more than 45 children a time in the CN&DC. We’ll eventually be in 6 services potential of 1500-1800 adults and 250-300 children. We may well have only 25-35 children in the CN&DC at a service. So why do we need such a large building? When the Worship Center is built, most likely move back to 3 gatherings- 600-700 adults per service and 90-110 children per service. What about now? Special Needs Ministry-1 or 2 Classrooms, Growth Track, Basic Radical Discipleship, NLU, Small Groups, New Life On-Line, additional Relevant student ministry small group rooms, and potentially both  groups meet on the same night with 2 large group gathering areas. When we built Phase 1, the youth room was upstairs. We outgrew it in a very short time. Repurposed to office space for growing staff, and now Growth Track room is being created up there, too. – That same process will allow us to maximize the use of the CN&DC immediately and into the future. In building the CN&DC we are planning for New Life’s ONGOING growth.


Some questions we encountered when we did the Advance meetings for the Yes! Initiative included:

1) Why build another building before we pay off the current one? This is a valid question. Debt is never a great thing. In fact, King Solomon told us the borrower is slave to the lender. As long as, we’re in debt, we’re “slaves” to the lender.  The ideal would be to pay cash for everything, and my (Pastor Chris') prayer has always been and continues to be that we will get there sooner rather than later. I believe we will-since God is able to do exceeding abundantly, beyond all we can ask or imagine. We built Phase 1 with a mortgage, because we believed it was time to have our own place, and that God would bless that move. He has! We have nearly doubled in the number of folks we’re reaching each week in 3 years. It took us 13 years to get to 400 people in worship each weekend, and only 3 more to reach 750. Having a home has expanded our reach. We believe expanding our home again will expand our reach once again.

2) Why the CN & DC and not the worship center next? The ultimate “lid” on our ability to reach the most people will be the need for a larger worship center for adults. Why not build it now?

  • We won’t be able to handle the number of children, the growing youth ministry, and the increasing number of discipleship needs such a move would make.

  • The cost is not feasible at this point. The numbers don’t work We aren't willing to consider accumulating debt beyond what we know is manageable for us as a church family. 

  • Why not build a little of each? The cost of piece milling the effort is far more in the big picture than the current approach.

3) Is $3 Million a solid number? Yes, if we build within the next year or so. No estimated cost figure is for the indefinite future since building material and labor costs increase over time.

How To Say "Yes!"

If you sense God leading you to participate by giving to the YES! Initiative please navigate here!  Choose the YES! Initiative fund and give your gift!

You may also complete a "Just Say Yes!" commitment card and make your commitment on commitment weekend: November 12/13 at any of our worship services.


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